Society3’s mission is to help more startups fulfill their business dreams than ever before possible by helping entrepreneurs to rapidly gain market traction and funding. We paved the way for a new exit model for investors and a Value Added Investor search for entrepreneurs.


More traction, more funding, more exits


1Building up market traction and market validation is a key performance indicator for every startup in the world. Our traction builder program is unique and differentiates us to other accelerators. Successful serial entrepreneurs with unique skills in online traction development are guiding startups to success. Traction means getting product-market fit, team readiness and massively growing number of users / customers. Traction is pre requisite for funding.

Exit Anytime™

2Society3’s unique fundraising platform “FundersMart” is designed to quadruple the number of accredited startup investors in the next three years. We are paving the way to a whole new group of accredited investors, by introducing the “Exit Anytime” model. Investors are no longer locked into a startup investment for 7 to 10 years but can Exit Anytime.  We created new legal framework for investments and provide a market place for accredited investors to find buyers for shares they desire to sell.


3One of the biggest challenges for startups when fundraising is to find investors that can provide more than just money. The hunt for “smart money” is difficult and only for experienced entrepreneurs. Society3’s fundersmart is first in providing a technology to find “Value Added Invests” with VAIfinder, showing startups investors with industry specific skills, experience and what type of connections they can provide that help grow a startup. VAIfinder is part of the service.

Game Changing Fundraising Platform

S3-FundersMartMost advanced equity crowdfunding platform where investors can exit anytime after an initial wait time and startups find Value Added Investors accelerating their growth plans. A sophisticated rules engine allows adopting shareholder protection rules from around the world.



Growth Stage Accelerator

An international accelerator program for growth stage companies, hosted in San Francisco.
Once a year up to 20 teams from various countries come for two weeks intense program to San Francisco

Next program starts Sept 21

Society3 Accelerator Application


It is our mission to help more startups from around the world make their dreams come true, than ever before possible.



Society3’s mission is to contribute to global prosperity by helping more entrepreneurs fulfill their business dreams than ever before possible. With our accelerator and equity fundraising platform we are helping startups and growth stage companies gaining significant market traction, raise more capital, create jobs and stimulate their local economies.

The company’s unique equity fundraising platform changes the over 50 year old startup fundraising framework and allows investors to Exit Anytime. The new exit model was possible by leveraging the new SEC rules, coming into effect June 19, 2015 and by changing the conventional contractual framework for investors in addition to provide a way to find buyers that qualify for purchasing their shares. Another unique technology, the VAIfinder,  was introduce by Society3 helping entrepreneurs to find investors with an added value. A Value Added Investor (VAI) provides industry specific expertise and business introductions.

Some hundred thousand successful startups can create more jobs than the combined global unemployment rate and are able to generate more prosperity in their local communities than in the previous quantum leap of our society during the industrial revolution or the first societal establishment a few thousand years ago. We are all Society3.

The founders of Society3 and associated advisers are successful serial entrepreneurs and now helping other startups to gain traction and grow their business.  Social networks:




Axel Schultze Marita Roebkes DieterKondek
Axel Schultze  Founder and CEO of Society3. Prior founder and CEO of Silicon Valley based BlueRoads, founder of WebStock, pioneering equity crowdfunding, founder and CEO of Infinigate (IT Security) and CEO of Computer 2000, which grew to $5 Billion in revenue and merged with TechData. Marita Roebkes Co-Founder and VP of Society3. Prior she was co-founder at Silicon Valley based BlueRoads, Co-Founder of WebStock (Equity Crowdfunding), co-founder  Infinigate (IT security), and prior hotel owner in Europe. Dieter Kondek
Co-Founder of Society3 Venturs. Managing Director at Computer 2000, which grew to $5 Billion in revenue and merged with TechData. Co-Founded Tradex, $1.3 Billion exit with Ariba and was CEO for DynaPel Systems Inc., from startup to IPO in 2005.


Doug Barre
Helps you with technology resourcesGeeks for less Investor Club Several startups Several executive positions
George Parrish Helps you refine your pitch. Startup Mentor, Seasoned sales executive EricTrabold Eric Trabold
Entrepreneur and sales executive helping startups build a sales pipe
RickThau Rick Thau, Former VC, entrepreneur, helping you structure your business, finance, and planning.  DieterKondek Dieter Kondeck, serial entrepreneur, investor, helps you with business plan development, deal structure and company setup Marita Roebkes Marita Roebkes
serial entrepreneur, helps women entrepreneurs with business development, marketing, social media, traction development.
Version 2 Bjorn Zikarsky
Investment Banker, 2x Entrepreneur helping investors to find startups and startups finding investors
EricMilliken Eric Milliken
Lawyer at SutterLaw focused on Startup setup and creating new rules for online fundraising
Sylvian Sylvain Theveniaudserial entrepreneur from France, helps you develop your business plans and more.
Marita Roebkes Axel Schultze,
5x entrepreneur, investor, helping develop a capitalization strategy, traction building, fundraising
DerekHenninger Derek Henninger, Entrepreneur, CTO, helping you with software architecture and scaling challenges JurgenSchulze Juergen Schulze
entrepreneur, investor, helping you on the B2B market development side


Co-Working Space Partnership
Society3 Accelerator is collaborating in partnership with co-working spaces around the world. Co-working Space Partners benefit by being able to offer the full range of our mentorship, education, and technology program to their companies.

Industry Partnership
We are also working with industry partners and corporate investors to create synergies between highly innovative startups and corporate needs to be better involved in latest technology.

Startup / Meetup Group Partnership
As a group owner you may want to work with us to grow your membership, expand your reach by getting free access to our buzz technology, and potentially grow your sponsor network.

Event Partnership
We work with event partners such as startup event organizations or meetup organizer helping to be better connected to Silicon Valley, leverage our technology to grow the membership and helping us to expand our reach.

If you are interested, in joining our mission, helping more startups to fulfill their dreams, please contact us at and see our Partnership page



Society3 HQ in San Francisco



Society3 has now also an office in Berlin – Europe