Startup & Business Accelerator with unique methods and technology helping startups improve traction building, advocacy and fundraising

Society3 Accelerator: distinct advantages


1Traction development, in addition to conventional mentorship, is what differentiates us most. 80% of startups fail to raise money due to lack of traction. Successful serial entrepreneurs with unique skills in online traction development help you with strategic growth techniques. Traction means getting product-market fit, team readiness and massively growing users or revenue fast.

Zero Equity

2The “Zero Equity Model” is offering a unique option: Instead of giving up equity early, you pay a small fee for the program. We then discuss an investment after graduation and provide the entrepreneur an opportunity for a much better valuation. A conventional “investment in advance” model is provided too. Available for all three programs: seed stage, mid stage and late stage.

Online or local?

3We offer both. If you cannot come to San Francisco or Berlin for 12 weeks to work with us, our hybrid model allows teams from all over the world to participate online. The core program is provided online no matter where you are to experiencing the power of online collaboration as part of the program, including 1:1 sessions with our mentors. So you always build your ties to Silicon Valley and San Francisco.


4Society3 is also unique in the way we support startups with proprietary technology to increase networking efficiency and creating viral buzz marketing campaigns to rapidly grow and manage a large user base. Technology is a key aspect of success in any business and startups have unique needs. All the technology is developed in our own technology labs and provided for free.



It is our mission to help more startups from around the world make their dreams come true, than ever before possible.



Co-Working Space Partnership
Society3 Accelerator is collaborating in partnership with co-working spaces around the world. Co-working Space Partners benefit by being able to offer the full range of our mentorship, education, and technology program to their companies.

Industry Partnership
We are also working with industry partners and corporate investors to create synergies between highly innovative startups and corporate needs to be better involved in latest technology.

Startup / Meetup Group Partnership
As a group owner you may want to work with us to grow your membership, expand your reach by getting free access to our buzz technology, and potentially grow your sponsor network.

Event Partnership
We work with event partners such as startup event organizations or meetup organizer helping to be better connected to Silicon Valley, leverage our technology to grow the membership and helping us to expand our reach.

If you are interested, in joining our mission, helping more startups to fulfill their dreams, please contact us at and see our Partnership page



Society3 is a startup, mid and late stage accelerator, helping entrepreneurs to significantly increase market traction and being well prepared for upcoming investment rounds.  The Accelerator boasts one of the highest funding rates in the industry. The organization’s unique ability to grow traction is based on highly skilled entrepreneurs who showed traction many times over, innovative Buzz Marketing Technology, and helping teams to transition from self promotion to advocacy. Entrepreneurs can come for 12 weeks to San Francisco or Berlin, or participate in the online model and can join from all over the world. The unique Zero Equity model provides a choice to participate by paying a fee instead of giving  up equity.  The founders of Society3 and top mentors of the Accelerator are successful serial entrepreneurs helping other startups to gain traction and grow their business. Society3 is based in San Francisco Social networks:




Axel Schultze Axel Schultze  Founder and CEO of Society3. He was also founder and CEO of Silicon Valley based Channel Management Software company BlueRoads, founder and CEO of Infinigate one of the largest Internet Security provider in Europe, (today $200+ Million in revenue) and CEO of Computer 2000, which grew to $5 Billion in revenue and merged with TechData. Marita Roebkes Marita Roebkes Co-Founder of Society3. She was co-founder and implementation manager at Silicon Valley based BlueRoads, Co-Founder and investor relations manager at Infinigate. Her career included various roles in the Hotel, Travel & Tourism industry in Europe including running her own Hotel. DieterKondek
Dieter Kondek Co-Founder of gotoStartups. Co-founder of the largest German IT reseller Polisoft, was Managing Director at Computer 2000, which grew to $5 Billion in revenue and merged with TechData. Co-Founded Tradex, which has been acquired by Ariba for $1.3 Billion. Helped storage startup Pivot3 to reach market leadership in 3 years and was CEO for DynaPel Systems Inc., guiding the company from startup to its IPO on the Oslo Stock Exchange in 2005.


Doug Barre Helps you with technology resourcesGeeks for less Investor Club Several startups Several executive positions George Parrish Helps you refine your pitch. Startup Mentor, Seasoned sales executive Sylvian Sylvain Theveniaud, serial entrepreneur from France, helps you develop your business plans and more.
RickThau Rick Thau, Former VC, entrepreneur, helping you structure your business, finance, and planning.  DieterKondek Dieter Kondeck, serial entrepreneur, investor, helps you with business plan development, deal structure and company setup Marita Roebkes Marita Roebkes, serial entrepreneur, helps women entrepreneurs with business development, marketing, social media, traction development.
Marita Roebkes Axel Schultze, serial entrepreneur, investor, helping you with online marketing, traction building, social media, strategy development vision solidification. DerekHenninger Derek Henninger, Entrepreneur, CTO, helping you with software architecture and scaling challenges JurgenSchulze Jürgen Schulze, entrepreneur, investor, helping you on the B2B market development side



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